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Brighten your day with healthy and meat-free breakfasts for everyone under the Kosher quality standards!

The Hotel Caruso offers a healthy rich buffet breakfast with a large choice of different plates. A healthy breakfast at us contains fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cheeses, yogurts and fresh squeezed juices. It is known as the Mediterranean diet and it is well known for its many heart-healthy benefits.

  • Fruits and vegetables for breakfast, whole grains, fish, salads with olives and healthy oils, nuts and other fruits and vegetables, mean low levels of fat, so you get a nice balance of protein and carbohydrates.
  • The entire food process from beginning to end is in higher echelon of standards. These standards can eliminate risk from products containing dangerous hormones that get transferred from meat products to our bodies, and can also eliminate many risks associated with items such as various types of seafood that may contain toxic pollutants. That's why our breakfasts are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Salmon and other types of fish are allowed for breakfast, and can be quite beneficial to your diet—being low in fat and high in protein and nutrients.
  • Finally, the kosher designation, which our hotel has, serves as a sort of a highest quality check.
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The 4 stars Boutique Hotel Caruso is an elegant architectural building offering 4 stars accommodation service and is located directly in the heart of Prague Old town.
Hotel Caruso Prague | Prague | Restaurant


The Hotel Caruso offers a rich breakfast buffet with a large choice of different plates.

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